William Higgins - David Kadera, Roman Ditrich, Rado Viker, Milos Zambo andn Ma

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Wank Party 2012 #4, Part 1. celebrates Easter. It features David Kadera, Roman Ditrich, Rado Viker, Milos Zambo andn Martin Poupa. Celebrations start in earnest in this first part. The scene starts with Milos, Martin and David having a drink together. Roman and Rado arrive, with the Easter sticks to do the traditional spanking of the neighbourhood girls. Since there are no girls about they must spank the other guys instead. David and Milos bend over for a little spanking and then they call in some girls and proceed to spank them before the girls turn the tables on them. Then Roman and Rado are blindfolded and the girls begin to feel their crotches. Without the guys realising it the girls move out of the way and David and Milos take over rubbing the crotches. Rado and Roman are hard and the guys open the pants and pull their cocks out. Still they think it is the girls who are doing it.Milos begins to suck on Roman and David does the same to Rado. As they are being sucked Martin removes their shirts. Then, after losing his eye glasses he bends to kiss Rado, and remove his blindfold. Rado sees that the girls are not there, and that David is sucking him. Roman removes his blindfold too and sees that Milos is sucking him, but it doesn't phase him. Soon Rado and Roman kiss as they are being sucked. Martin pulls his dick out and begins to wank it, then David stands and has Rado suck on his cock. Milos follows suit, with Roman sucking on his throbbing dick. As David is being sucked he leans over and sucks on Martin's cock. I think it he the first time for Martin, and he seems to enjoy it. Rado and Roman certainly love cock and change places, so that Roman sucks on David and Rado on Milos. David loves Martin's dick and gives all his attention to it as Roman moves over the share Milos' cock with Rado. Then Rado stands and both he and Milos feed their dicks to Roman, in turn. David has certainly worked his charm on Martin, who tries his hand at sucking too, for the first time. He sucks and then licks up and down the shaft of David's cock. Then Martin straightens up and kisses David, who works their two cocks together, while Roman, Rado and Milos continue to enjoy each other. We leave things nicely primed for the next part of this Wank Party where the fun continues apace.

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