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The Fantasy: Destructive belief systems are taught to us at a young age by family, culture and institutions - and combine with our own experiences of pleasure and pain around sex. The world around us tells us how to feel about ourselves sexually, and oftentimes shame, fear and anxiety are the result. "Gay sex is wrong." "You don't deserve this." "You are a slut." How can you move through these strong, negative belief systems? Fantasy. Fantasy is the vehicle for us to move from inhibition into action. It allows us to see ourselves in different ways. It is live mythology, a symbolic narrative that brings our personal wounds into a space of embodied pleasure. What if we could create peak experiences MORE OFTEN, by consciously engaging with our fantasies and reading them as a map that can take us more deeply into our own needs, wants, and desires? We can, and, ultimately, this leads us towards more fulfillment, sustainability, and creativity. This process also helps us not act compulsively and have more satisfying sex because we are really listening to the emotional needs underneath the imagery, where our healing work begins. The Fantasy ft. Max Adonis & Adam Ramzi. Today's Himerostv is infused with a little magic. And personally, it's infused with a bit of emotion, too. Featuring Max Adonis and Adam Ramzi, you can watch a free preview of The Fantasy on Himerostv. Or, become a Himerostv member to watch the full video. Filmed at the iconic MacMillan Pier in Provincetown, MA, this film feels like a dream in today's shifting world. While summer trips in Provincetown have become a tradition for many gay and bisexual men, this year is different. Busy streets, lobster rolls and sandy toes are a vestige of the pre-Covid world. And watching this video transports the viewer to that bygone era. A fantasy, indeed. On a wooden ship a century old, we hear the creaks and groans of old timber mixed with the moans and ecstasy of young men. While navigating the open sea, the men discover each other's bodies - and the treasures of pleasure buried within. The boys get lost - not at sea - but in each other. And like the Sirens of Greek mythology, we are drawn ever closer. For all of us, this film about fantasy is a fantasy itself. But as it brings our senses alive through the glorious sights and sounds of pleasure, it feels as real as anything I've known. Concept by Finn Deerhart.

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