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Alan Bulka is a very sexy guy, with a nice body too. He is due for a massage and strips down to his underwear before laying, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and kneels beside Alan to start work. Taking oil into his hands the masseur begins to massage Alan's shoulders and his neck. He works on Alan's back too as he massages. Then he straddles Alan to massage the back with long strokes. The hands slide over the covered ass as well as the back in massaged. Then those hands reach into the underwear to grope the ass cheeks. The underwear is pulled down off the ass cheeks, exposing them. Hands run over that sexy ass and more oil is used, coating the cheeks. Thos cheeks are spread to exposed Alan's tight hole as well. That tight hole is pulled as the cheeks are spread wide. Then, moving to the side, the masseur removes Alan's underwear completely. He moves down to the feet and uses more oil as he massages them. Then Alan's legs are parted and his cock and balls adjusted to lay back between them. That hot ass is rubbed and the hands reach down to feel Alan's cock and balls. That cock seems to grown as the hand works on it. Then the ass cheeks are spread again and a finger rubs over the tight hole. The cock is wanked gently too and then the finger teases the hot hole before sliding inside. That finger works deep into the tight hole before coming out again. Alan moves onto his knees and has more oil applied to his sexy ass. His stiff cock is pulled back between his legs as it is gently wanked. A finger pushes into his tight hole again and starts to fuck in and out as the cock is wanked. Then the cock is released and the finger comes out of the ass so the cheeks can be spread to show off the hot hole. The finger goes into the hole again as fucks nice and deep as Alan's dick is wanked some more too. The hot hole is fingered hard and fast as the stiff cock is wanked. Alan's breathing gets heavy as he feels his hole being used and his rock hard cock being wanked. He turns over and lays on his back, moaning as his stiff cock is wanked hard until the cum flies out. That cock is milked dry as Alan's breathing slows down as he relaxes after shooting his load. The sticky cock head is rubbed as Alan is fully spent.

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Alan Bulka

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