Military Classified - Elijah - Us Army / 20 / 5'9 / 140 / 6uc - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Elijah - Us Army / 20 / 5'9 / 140 / 6uc - Free Gay Porn

Today I'm introducing a new recruit to the MC line up and this little bundle of stud muffin is named ELIJAH. He hails from the East Coast and is out in California for the first time in his life and has agreed to do some "gay for pay" work and we jumped right into the mix. Watch as Rob gives Elijah a methodical blowjob that leaves Elijah's head spinning in the end. Elijah stands about 5'9", a little on the leaner side at 140 but tight body, a couple of tats and a quiet demeanor that I was aching to break open. Once the cameras started rolling and the porn began to play, it was as if it was almost a stabilizer in the room to hear a girl's voice amongst two naked guys in a room. I started my blowjob like I did most of the ones I have filmed in my career but Elijah had a degree of confidence to his swag, usually guys who are "dick confident" have a cocky attitude but Elijah's attitude was more his shyness so when I began sucking his dick, it wasn't what you heard that moved you, it was the expressions on his face that told you that he was enjoying it. I must have bobbed up and down that 6 inch uncut cock surrounded by that beautiful bush of hair and this attack was beginning to break down Elijah and it was becoming noticeable on his face. I began to speed up the process and soon I was combining my mouth in concert with my hand, then keeping it wet with saliva, its a motion that some guys have told me it feels like a tight pussy! The faster I stroked and sucked, the more and more Elijah began to shuffle around in his seat, stretching out his legs with the feet and toes pointed, grabbing the blanket on the bed gripping it as he was giving me the warning that he was about to cum. I squeezed every last drop of that load and there was plenty to go around.

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