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Dakota: Recruitment: Little Dakota Lovell is learning the ropes from his loving mentor, Tyjon, in the House of the Black Godz. He learns how the Godz like to be serviced by choking on a huge dildo and then sits on Tyjon's girthy cock while stroking his own sensitive boner to climax! New boy Dakota has been paired up with Lovell, an inexperienced Black God, who is taking on his first assignment. Little do they realize, the pairing is unique and special for reasons that they could not even fathom. However, the Black Godz always know how to properly pair a mentor with a mentee in order to get the most out of a boy's potential. This situation is no different. Dakota was raised by foster parents. He was abandoned at the ripe age of ten years old because his single mother could not support him anymore. He entered the system and bounced around from family to family for years before finally finding his forever home. In that time, he learned many things about himself. One, he doesn't trust easily. Two, he has difficulty letting go of the past. And three, he has a deep need for sexual attention. This third element began to demonstrate itself when he entered high school. It seemed that every girl he met, he had to try to sleep with. Even before he understood what it truly meant to make love, he had a craving for physical attention. Lovell, on the other hand, is from a family who would take in foster children while he was growing up. He had a foster brother and a foster sister, and although he was his parents' biological son, he was always taught to make his foster siblings feel like a true part of the family. Perhaps that is why there is such an immediate bond between the boys. Lovell cannot help but feel a sense of protectiveness over young Dakota, and as he runs the boy through the Recruitment process, the feeling only grows stronger. He teaches the boy to choke on a big black dildo, filling the kid's throat with it as he gasps for air. Dakota wants to prove that he can be tough, so he works his way down on the dildo with all his determination. Finally, the lesson ends, and Lovell embraces Dakota from behind, wrapping his strong arms around the boy and sliding his cock into his eager asshole. He fucks the boy raw as he closes his eyes in orgasmic euphoria and feels his ass fill to the brim. Then, the boy bounces on his thick cock like a proper servant. As it turns out, Dakota is a fast learner when given a sympathetic teacher.

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