William Higgins - Filip Vacek - Erotic Solo #2

rating William Higgins - Filip Vacek - Erotic Solo #2 - Free Gay Porn

In a lovely Dreamset, suggested by Freddie, we see the sexy Filip Vacek;. He is standing next to the mirror so that as he rubs himself he can see his reflection. His hands run all over his clothed body before he lifts his tee shirt to show off his hot body. Filip removes the tee shirt and runs his hands over his hot chest and his arms. He feels his nipples as he rubs. The he gropes his jeans as well. Pushing the jeans down he releases his cock and starts to wank it as he watches his reflection. That cock gets hard as Filip wanks it and he looks down at it as he strokes. Constantly watching his reflection he keeps wanking his stiff cock. Then Filip removes his jeans and move to the sofa. He sits and leans back as he continues to wank his hard cock. As he wanks a helping hand arrives and stands behind the sofa, reaching down to rub Filip's sexy chest. The the helping hand moves to the side and starts to play with the stiff cock, coating it in oil. The hands wank on that slippery cock, squeezing the piss slit to open it up too. Then Filip's balls are rubbed as well and a hands glides up his chest. The wanking continues, pulling the foreskin onto the cock head. Filip lifts his legs ito the air, showing off his hot hole and his hairy crack. Oil is dripped onto the ass and rubbed all over. His cock is pulled and the balls rubbed as the hands also rub over his tight hole. A finger pushes into that hole and fucks nice and deep. It goes all the way into that hot hole before coming out again. Filip's hole is fingers well and he soon turns over, onto his knees. That inviting hole is shown perfectly as the hands rub over the ass. His cock is pulled back between his legs to be wanked again. Then Filip turns over and sits again and starts to wank himself. As the hands rub his chest he keeps wanking his cock until it gives up his creamy load. AFter dumping his load Filip goes off to the shower to clean up.

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