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Too much anxiety can deflate our boners, but a little anxiety can boost our arousal responses. When our hearts are beating quickly and our blood pressure is rising, our capacity to feel sensation can correspondingly heighten at the same time. Public sex can be a thrill if we think that we might actually get caught. We play delicately with the threshold of how much risk we can stand. If we risk too much too quickly, we lose enjoyment, but the right amount of risk can help us experience peak arousal. To spontaneously claim our rights to be sexual animals in the midst of a civilization that suppresses sexuality is an act of rebellion that can boost our sense of pride in being gay men. Since we have been largely denied our rights to fuck, be sure, we will find a way. Overheard ft. JP Dubois & Angel Cruz: Overheard is the latest Himerostv release - and the first from this summer's Sweden shoot. It features JP Dubois and Angel Cruz. And it also happens to be one of my favorite Himerostv videos of all time. Watch a free preview of Overheard at Himerostv. Or join to watch the full video. On one very obvious hand, it's hot. It features two beautiful men having animalistic, raw sex along a forest path - all within earshot of other hikers. There is a perfect mix of risk, anxiety and eroticism. If nothing else, it'll make you cum. But on a more subtle hand, the video is extremely effective at conveying its message. Dr. Jack Morin developed the four cornerstones of eroticism as the recipe for hot sex. These cornerstones are longing and anticipation, violating prohibition, searching for power and overcoming ambivalence. And though hot sexual encounters like the one depicted in Overheard have aspects of multiple cornerstones, the focus is on violating prohibitions. The world and society in which we live is governed by laws, rules and regulations. But by stepping outside these expectations, we can create anxiety and excitement that results in more intense sexual experiences. This is the violation of prohibition, and Angel and JP model it beautifully. By having sex outside along a hiking trail, they risk being caught - and a peak sexual experience is resulted. And while most of us aren't willing to break laws for increased sexual intensity, there are plenty of ways to violate prohibitions in our sexual experiences. In fact, even the act of engaging in gay sex is a violation of prohibition in a society that often tells us homosexuality is wrong. Making out with your boyfriend while visiting his parents is a fun example. Or having sex on a rooftop. Or with the curtains open. The reality is, anxiety can be fuel for our desires. Knowing this can help you have better, wetter sex. We're excited to share this week's new video, "Overheard" featuring JP Dubois and Angel Cruz. It's raw, passionate and one of the hottest Himerostv videos yet! Concept by Finn Deerhart.

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