Himeros TV - Are You A Good Top?

Are You A Good Top?
Are You A Good Top?
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Let's face it: Topping is easy. It doesn't demand a lot of prep work. Compared to bottoming, it requires less vulnerability and surrender. Overall, it's less of a commitment. So, if you are going to top, the least you can do is a little homework. Learn how to do it right. Good tops recognize their responsibility in ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience for everyone. And part of that is knowing how to properly open a bottom for anal sex. Years ago, I hooked up with a friend in California. He was a seemingly sweet, soft-spoken guy with an enormous dick. Approaching ten inches in length, it was almost comically large. But being an ambitious boy who doesn't shy away from a challenge, I wanted to bottom. So, I assumed the position and waited for the gentle touch of a finger or tongue. Instead, I felt the head of his cock on my anus - and then, the full weight of his body against me. With one effortful thrust, he was fully inside me; it felt like his dick didn't stop until it reached my throat. And the pain I felt was akin to childbirth. The reality is, sex education doesn't teach anal sex. Porn would have us believe that you can just "stick it in." And so, I created Open Me Up to demonstrate otherwise. Featuring Tom Bentley and Andy Soros, check out a free preview. If you are a Himerostv member, watch the full length video. Andy Soros has a big dick. Some might call it great. But with great dicks come great responsibilities; while opening up a bottom for anal sex is important for penises of all sizes, it's exponentially more important for the well endowed among us. And because, unlike my friend in California, Andy is a good top who is aware of Tom's pleasure as much as his own, he spends the duration of the video demonstrating what most porn flicks ignore. Throughout the video, we bear witness to touching, teasing, licking, tonguing, lubing and even the use of a toy. Minute after minute, Andy avoids the desire to slide it in - and, instead, connects with his partner and opens him physically and emotionally. Andy checks in. He communicates. He gets Tom ready for his big, glorious dick. And in doing so, shows all of us - regardless of dick size - how it's done. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorthy asks Glinda, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Today, regardless of where the yellow brick road might take us, it's worth asking ourselves and each other: Are you a good top or a bad top? And for fuck's sake, don't just stick it in.

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