Military Classified - Bobby-jude-russ - Marines / 24-20-23 / 5'8 / 145-160-170 / 8

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Every once in a while I like to bring together a few of my studs from the coral and do a group scene to feature their talents cohesively. I brought Bobby, who you all know already, then there's Jude, the little 19 year old civilian hottie, and then there's Russ, the newbie Marine. These guys have never met each other and I didn't really tell them what they would be doing. If you guys have ever heard of what's called "running a train" then you'll know that a group of straight guys will take turns fucking a bitch sort of like a train, well, today you'll witness your first train on MC, only the bitch their fucking is me! The mix was rather interesting as we started shooting, whenever you put 3 straight guys in the same room with pussy porn playing in the background, the immediate ice breaker is talking about bitches. This scene was no different, my veteran Bobby was quick to chime in with a few fuck stories he's experienced in recent times. I could tell that these guys needed to joke around about fucking chicks to justify the fact that they would be bending over a guy and treating him like a blow up doll. Before long I had these 3 studs butt naked and sitting on my couch stroking their manmeats. Now these aren't just any average joe cocks, these were well endowed boys and I'm talking the smallest cock in the room was 8 inches. largest of course was Jude with a whopping 9 inches. They all sported beautiful pieces of meat for my cameras and I was in cock heaven as I knelt down in front of each one of them and began sucking some white straight dick. Once I had these straight studs horned up and raring to go, I literally moved my bench down into the middle of the room and had them all stand up and begin the train on my ass. I thought I would be wise and start with the smallest cock in the room so first up was Bobby. Besides he was the most comfortable with me and I knew he never disappoints and always remains hard as a rock. Mind you guys, none of my models use any enhancers when we shoot. No VIAGRA, NO CIALIS, nothing. I like my guys naturally horny and that's how they were. I love the way Bobby fucks because he just likes to grab a waist and drill away till his heart contents. His cock-head becomes super sensitive after he's fucked for a while so he likes to stick the tip of his dick in and out of my ass for ultimate sensation. Next was Jude and he of course is not shy at all and when he penetrated that mammoth 9 inch monster in my ass, it was all I could take. He relentlessly pounded my ass doggie, on my back, and grabbing me by my legs for leverage and wore me out senseless. Last was Russ, and this was Russ' de-virginization to a guy's ass on tape. Yes, yes, you've all seen him fuck on another website but this video was shot way before that one so this is truely Russ' debut fucking some male ass. All three performed like champs and in the end, I had these lovely studs bukakke their loads all over my face, wow, I love my job!

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